#689 TINY MIND – S1 E9 – LET IT GO

It’s never easy to forget, to let it go, but we just have to.

Time heals all wounds. The past is history already. But we, we tend to do not let go. We remember, or at least we try. We look back and see the beauty, the things that were great! The negativity, the problems, the stress, we do hardly think about that. But life is not about living in the past. The presence, this very moment, that is all that really counts.

In this life, we need to learn to let it go. To move on. To focus on our job.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

We have all done mistakes. We will all do mistakes in the future. That’s just what life is all about. But if we can’t let go, our mistakes will always hold us back. Can you become today a little bit better than you were yesterday? Can you move on? Take the next step?

Just let go, move on and the future is yours!

Do not think too much! Do not plan too much! Just give your best! Today, tomorrow and the day after that!

See you next time!

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