#690 REWIND – S1 E5 – #575 20 minutes writing challenge #44 – Home office

Welcome to the best writing challenge I have done so far, at least in therms of likes.

Lillian, Jacob David

What a song! Right? Does it even fit? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a bit too relaxed. But that doesn’t matter, right?

5:40 am. Home office. Somewhere in Germany.

An annoying sound pulls you out of your dreams. Noooooo! Wait! Come back!!!! There was an exchange student party you attended thankfully. What about the intercontinental intercourse?!?! But you have no chance! You are already falling…

It’s still dark outside when you open your eyes. “Meh, still dark outside!” But what were you expecting? It’s winter, for Christs sake! Like an F-16 fighter yet you normally rise out of bed, jump into your cloth and get ready for work. But something tells you that today is different. There are no business cloths placed neatly on your chair. In fact, your room looks like a mess! “Am I supposed to get up?“. With a puzzled face you reach for your phone. Well, let’s check the mails. And, WhatsApp, Insta, Facebook, your other email accounts and your blog.

Do I start into my days like this? Not really. But I have those days as well. Today was such a day. I wake up way too early on a Saturday morning and wonder why I can’t sleep longer, like all the others. Why do I have to get up so early all the time? But that is just who I am, an early riser.

6:10 am. Home office. Somewhere in Germany.

What the hell?” Thirty minutes have passed. You are watching Insta videos of people dancing to this annoying song that doesn’t get out of your head!? “What’s wrong with you dude!? Come on! Get up!

In fact, today really looked like that! I was in fact wasting the first 30 minutes of my day by watching those stupid videos.

6:30 am. Home office. Somewhere in Germany.

You finally rise out of bed. You turn on the light, but is is still dark outside. Time for some work, right? Watching the others physically going there, you have mixed feelings. It’s great at work! No doubt about that! But here at home it’s great as well! You clean the kitchen from what was left the other day. You have breakfast. You clean your teeth.

I don’t have breakfast, actually, but besides that, home office is a tricky thing. Sure, if you are having the same mindset as I have, it’s not a problem. You will do your job properly and do all the other things after that. But not all of us work like that. We all know that one particular person that was always procrastinating everything until the very last moment. How does the future of home office look like? Honestly, I do not know. But there needs to come a change! That’s for sure!

8 am. Home office. Somewhere in Germany.

8 am passed right through as this thing comes to mind. Wasn’t there something to do? You try to remember? “Oh, you mean work?” HA! Right! “Let’s give it a try then!

8:30 am. Home office. Somewhere in Germany.

You take a seat in your most comfortable chair. It’s one of those fancy ones where you can basically lay down on your back. The laptop right on your lap. Great! Here we go! “Oh, wait! I need some water first! What about coffee? Look, the laptop needs to charge!

Of course I am trying to exaggerate the whole scene, but technically, it’s like that. At work, we are just working. But at home, there are so many distractions and other tasks to do. It’s holding us back somehow. Sure, doing little breaks in between working doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. But still, we need to get used to it first.

9:15 am. Home office. Somewhere in Germany.

A notification pops up on the screen. “General Team meeting in 15 minutes!” Oh no! Well, for those 15 minutes!? Come on!

Photo by ThisIsEngineering on Pexels.com

11 am. Home office. Somewhere in Germany.

The meeting is over. Finally. “That was something, HA! God, those online meetings are exhausting.” The door bell is ringing. It’s your neighbor. “What do you want?” You have this drill bit? 6 mm? “Home office, too?” Right you are!

Those online meetings are really a thing. I am used to online meetings for a long time already, therefore, it was not really a change for me personally. But for others, especially people that have a bit more life experience than I have, well, they seem to struggle. But anyways, this is of course a good thing as well. People and companies will understand, that there are also other ways how to do things. And so, a change might not always be a bad thing.

2 pm. Home office. Somewhere in Germany.

The neighbor finally left. Was it ok to have a beer so early in the day? Well! You feel just hungry!

3 pm. Home office. Somewhere in Germany.

You are literally sitting in front of the computer for some 5 minutes, when the door bell is ringing again. The post! “Hello sir! Thank you sir! Bye sir!

The delivery guy. That’s really a thing. They are always showing up in the middle of an important meeting.

3:10 pm. Home office. Somewhere in Germany.

You are finally back in the game! If you push hard now, you can have a walk with the others when they will come home from work anytime soon.

4 pm. Home office. Somewhere in Germany.

You change into some actual cloths. Don’t want to leave the house in your pajamas, do you? The fresh air feels good. “What? No! Home office is great! I am so much more productive!” You lie cold heartedly.

Are we more productive? I would say that we can, but not all of us will. Some people just need the atmosphere at work. The colleagues around them, the pressure, the lack of distractions. But others, others will be even more productive at home. They will flourish and start to do a better job.

5:30 pm. Home office. Somewhere in Germany.

God it was cold outside! “Yeah! But it’s good to have a daily 10 km’s walk, isn’t it?” Definitely! Time for dinner? “Sure, but let me check my mails first! You know, I am in the home office!” You have 45 new mails. A chat pops up. You read. Boss: Where are you for Christs sake? I am trying to reach your for 5 hours already! WHAT ARE YOU DOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those walks, they are really a thing during the pandemic. Sure, I was walking before as well. But never as much as during the last year.

5:40 am. Somewhere in Germany.

You wake up bathed in sweet. You just had the most horrible of nightmares ever! You spring into life. Take a cold shower. Put on your best cloths! Brush your teeth in a hurry! And with a smile you are living home for work …

Going to work! YAY! God I missed it! Sure, we would have never guessed that people would actually say that, but it feels just good to see your colleagues again. To talk to each other and see how others are doing. And sure, don’t forget, not everybody has a private home office for everyone at home.

See you next time!

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