I did it, finally! After all those months, I have found the perfect job! That this pandemic would make it a bid harder to find it was clear, but that it would be such a disaster, I had no clue. My professor was right when telling me that I should think about a plan B, or C. Mhh, was he?

The truth is, I wouldn’t be who I am, if I had in fact done such a strategic move. Delaying my graduation? Pretending to add another semester just for the sake of giving the world a bit more time to recover? That’s just not who I am. That doesn’t suit my way of going through life. And so, I tried my luck at various companies. Ok, I was just sending out around 8 or so applications, but still, none of those got me even into the next round. There was just the usual denial, the friendly e-mail from the HR. Telling me how awesome I am, but unfortunately they found someone else who is even a bit more awesome than I am. Can’t believe it, but well, it was close, you think and move on. In reality, it wasn’t close after all!

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I can understand the problem, I know how hard it is to say no without causing further conflicts. But the way they are saying no these days, it’s just not really that satisfying. People want a feedback, they want to know why! And we know, that if there are no questions asked, no job interview, no test, no nothing, that this is a clear sign that we ar not that awesome after all. That we just do not fit! I understand, the companies reputation is on the line. But why don’t they at least try to give a realistic feedback? Why don’t they give you some hints, some clues, something to hold on to? We can always do things better, but if we do not know what we are doing wrong, how should we improve?

I got the job! And that is all that matters for the moment! Now, a new chapter of my life will begin. Now, the fun part is over! Oh, no, actually, it just begins. Starting soon, I can finally focus on a new task! A new challenge in life! After all those years, it is finally time to make some money! Ok, I made some money during the last years already, but now I can ask for a bit more. And the best thing about it? No exams! Those exams, they really triggered me! They caused just so much stress and pain. Thank God it is over! In three weeks of time, I will start working for my new company! Wish me luck for a good start!

See you next time!

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