#698 20 minutes writing challenge #51 – FEELING GOOD, LIKE I SHOULD

Surfaces – Sunday Best “Feeling good like I should”

Life is good! No, actually life is awesome these days. In two days, I will have done the 700 days of daily blogging ­č嬭čÖł. God, what is wrong with me? Why do I still write this every single day? The answer? Because I can!

Feeling good, like I should!

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

There is no alternative. In life, we need to sell the sunny sides of life. Share only the most awesome moments in life with our “friends”. Feeling good, like we should. We are expected to feel like that. To represent the modern day lifestyle.

But I? I just can’t. I accept others! I let them do whatever they want to do! I let them believe in whatever they want to believe in. I am just not a part of that game and I never was. Why should I? That’s all just too much work! Too much of everything.

Feeling good, because we have to.

Sometimes I wonder. Am I do the right things in life? Is this the way to go? The path to take? I guess we will never know! And with this terrible disappointment it is time to say “CIAO” to all those thoughts! What is wrong with me? Question the status Q? Question this fake social media life out there? I am just not into that. Standing out of the grey masses? Sure, but not by yelling the loudest!

Feeling good, because I do what I love.

I do what I love. All day long. Is that selfish? Yes it is, but well, who cares? I can do whatever I want. Whatever I love. There comes a moment in someones life when we need to understand. Whatever we are doing, that is what we have decided to do. This is what we want. And if it is isn’t, well, we have to change it! Happiness, feeling good, all those things can come automatically, but only if we are following our heart.


See you next time!

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