#700 Days of daily blogging

I did it! ­č嬭čÖł What a surprise!!! Ok, these blog posts are getting boring, right? Of course I made it, but that was just a matter of time! Should I elaborate on that? I don’t think so. I already did that in #100, #200, #300 and the like. It’s just a fact, if you write a daily blog, of course you will reach the 700 days of daily blogging barrier some day or another! Therefore, I am not even sure if I can celebrate it today.

After 502.000 words and 1.582 hours spend on the project so far, I guess that’s all you need to know. I have committed to this project and now just do it day after day. The end of the story.

A lot of people talk about motivation, about enthusiasm, about improving in life, but how many do you know that are actually practicing what they preach. I am achieving all my goals. Not because I am lucky, but because life has no alternative. I am dedicating my life to these goals, my time, my energy and everything else that it takes. Of course I am getting better in what I do, of course I become successful!

In life, we can achieve great things! Everyone can do that! But what people really need is a different mindset. These days, people are talking too much without actually doing anything. They think that they know something about life, but they do not! People today are looking for the shortcuts. The easy way! Life-hacks! But that’s not working! That’s not the way to happiness. You can use some tricks, sure! But in the long run, these tricks will not work. Things change, the weather, the markets, strategies, methods, basically everything.

But what do I even talk about! You know all of that already. When I talk to people, I feel ashamed to talk about all of the stuff that I am doing. I don’t mention the blog, I don’t talk about my other projects. Not because I am not proud of it, but because others will think that I am strange, different and might add that I must think that I am something better. I am not! I am just a guy. A little fish in the ocean. But nevertheless, being a little fish doesn’t necessarily mean to follow all the other little fishes.

Mainstream? I do not even know what that means. I am different! But being different doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone needs to notice it. My strategy is clear, not standing out. I don’t want this project to become big, to break through the roof. This is just me writing. Working on myself. This blog, it documents my journey. Day after day after day. This blog will help you to improve. This blog will help you to change your life. But it will always be you, that needs to change something!

I can’t change your life! But I can help you to change it yourself.

See you next time!

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