#701 Learning – S3 E8 – Learning from mistakes

We all know how important this is. We do mistakes, there is no doubt about that! But repeating mistakes? Over and over again? No thank you!

The thing about mistakes is that, it hurts. Not necessarily because we loose a lot of money, but because we need to accept that we have been doing something wrong. Where is the problem a little kid might ask, but it is this, in our society, there is no room for mistakes. We are not supposed to fail. To do things wrong. To publicly announce that something went wrong.

I am not different. This mindset, it still exists somewhere in between my ears. But mistakes just happen! Come on, this is called life! And so, sooner or later, we need to tackle the issue.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

The issue? There is no issue! Failing is a good thing! Making mistakes is a good thing! It might help to say it three times. But putting all jokes aside, indeed failing is great! It allows us to learn, to improve and all of that even faster than usual. I guess it’s the shame, the feeling of being a looser, realizing that we are not perfect after all. Where does this cultural behavior come from? When have we started to be so perfect? The answer is just that, it doesn’t even matter.

I am afraid about doing mistakes, still, after having done so many mistakes already. What is wrong with me? Can someone tell? We need to stop this! This is nonsense! Why are we so afraid about doing mistakes? Where is the problem, really?

I am working on this issue for quite some time. Starting from writing mistakes here on the blog, to bigger issues at work or in other parts of my free time. Have I found a solution yet? Not really! But I have started to stand for what I do wrong. I have no problem with stating out what I did wrong! I have no problem with taking the responsibility for my actions.

And honestly, since I have started to do this, failing is indeed helping me to improve. It helps me to remember those situations, the moments when we feel sorry for what we did wrong. But in the end, we will not feel sorry for it after all. We will just realize how valuable this lesson actually was.

Start learn from your mistakes and you will start doing less of them.

See you next time!

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