#703 Discipline – S3 E1 – Discipline every day

When it comes to the topic of discipline, some people seem to struggle. They do not understand. They do not get it. But others, others can achieve amazing things. They do stuff, as effortless as a hot knife rushes through butter. They are laser focused, they are in control, they reach one goal after the other.

Discipline is nothing from the outside. You can’t go into a store and buy yourself a bottle of it or two. Discipline comes from within you. It’s your mindset, your believe system, it is who you are and what you want to achieve.

Nevertheless, you can of course buy yourself something that will increase your discipline temporarily. For the upcoming days, weeks, or even month. But it is not mandatory to get something new all the time. Once you understand, you can create discipline out of nothing.

Photo by Ihsan Aditya on Pexels.com

I write this daily blog. You might have heard about it. But what is that? My playground, sure, my pillow to scream into, right as well! But this blog is also a great source for discipline. I have a look at the statistics, I have a look at the world chart where my readers come from, I read through old posts of mine. All of that is great, sure, but it also gives me something back. Something that is much more valuable than money. It is: motivation, discipline, a feeling of being on the right path.

In life, people are looking for the ultimate goals. We focus too much on the top of the mountain. We visualize standing there, being the king of the world. But what we totally forget is the present moment. If you want to become successful in anything that you are doing, you need to love the process. You need to wake up tomorrow feeling great for getting another chance to succeed! To do what you love!

Harvesting discipline is one of the easiest things in life, but still, people seem to try to live without it.

Don’t be a fool! It is for free, it will help you to improve, why don’t you use it? But how?

  1. Figure out what motivates you.
  2. Implement them into your life.
  3. Done!

That sounds too easy? That can’t be all? Well, that is more than enough! You can start into the day like you are used to, or you can start into the day with a bit more discipline and motivation. It is up to you, if you are listening to an audiobook while driving to work or not. It is up to you if you listen to music or not. It is up to you! Always!

But please, don’t tell me that you can’t, because that is just not true!

See you next time!

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