#704 Life Coaching – S2 E3 – ADDICTIONS

Addictions are a topic, we do not really talk about. At least in our society, we prefer to look away. But drugs aren’t the only things that should come to mind. Actually, there are way more common addictions out there than taking drugs. Alcohol, well, sure, but that’s not what I mean.

What is an addiction? When are we addicted? When we can’t stop? When we can’t have enough of something? For me personally, the border isn’t well defined. I am not able to draw the line. And so, I am an addict myself. I need to confess, that I can’t live without certain things. Sure, I could say ear, or water, or food, but that wouldn’t be a great joke. Instead, I rather say Porsche’s, my racing simulator and sport. I do sport throughout my life, but there was a time, when I was addicted to it. I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t take a break. I had to do it. Again and again and again. I learned to deal with it. I accepted the need for a change. I changed, but maybe I was just lucky.

The thing about addictions is, that we are all somehow addicted to something. Everything that goes beyond being a habit, is at least that. The beer after work? A typical example, right? But a good one. In fact, the beer after work allows us to enter our minds. Trying to understand what is going on. In this life, we enjoy getting what we deserve. And what couldn’t be better than a cold beer after a long and hard day at work? Come on, it’s just one little beer. Don’t be a fool! Drink with me! Cheers!

Just because you drink a beer a day after work, this doesn’t make you an addict!? Right? I mean, come on! Everybody would be an addict and in fact, everybody is. There is at least one thing in your life, you can not have enough of. There is at least one thing, that your mind demands. For me, it’s the adrenalin rushing through my veins. It’s the excitement when driving a car at its limit. It’s the speed!

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But being an addict doesn’t need to be a bad thing all the time. Honestly, it can be quite useful. And in fact, it is quite useful if we think about it. Imagine you can develop an addiction for something you do not particularly like. How much easier would life be? How much less energy would it consume and how much less time? Just imagine how your life would transform. How everything would change.

But we can’t right? Developing an addiction for something we don’t like? Well, ask a smoker why he smokes, ask a drug addict why he consumes whatever he consumes, ask a race car driver why he pays thousands of euros to drive a race car. The answers you will get is the key. They do it, because they want to do it, no, because they have to do it. When the inside voice gets louder and louder we know, that we have passed the point of no return. Sure, we do not call it an addiction all the time. We talk about passion, about enthusiasm, about love. But if we would be honest, it’s just an addiction in 99% of the cases.

But life doesn’t need to be addiction free. If you are free from addictions, please, throw the first stone. But not many stones will be flying today, I guess. Because there is always something we desire, we need, we can’t live without it. It sounds so stupid when thinking about it rationally, how can we be so stupid? But deep inside of us, there is the need! A burning desire!

Do not ignore your addictions! Do not hide your addictions. But maybe just maybe, change them. Get more of the addictions that will help you reaching your goals and less of the one that are preventing you from going everywhere.

See you next time!

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