#707 Writing – S1 E13 – Writing for no reason

A reason is what we need. A reason is what keeps us alive. But why don’t we do things without any reason? Just doing something for the sake of doing it. Today is such a day. It’s sunny outside. The birds are singing. Nature at its best. Oh wait, no, actually, it’s just a normal day. Every morning is like that, we just don’t see it when pretending to be busy.

Sometimes I ask myself why. Why writing every single day? Why getting up and doing this? The answers I have come up with, too numerous to mention here. But there is always a reason. There is always at least one thing that makes it worth doing it. The practice of a language, the calming effect of letting your brain wander around. Pick whatever you like, you will always find at least one reason why. But writing for no reason? What do you even mean?

Photo by Jess Vide on Pexels.com

This blog is not particular successful. I do not have a ton of daily readers. I mean, I can understand. Not even I would have the time to read it. But why do I still doing it? Why do I invest so much time? In this life, we shouldn’t do what others expect, but instead, what we expect from ourselves. The way towards success is not that one path we all have to take. Instead, there are multiple routes. Thousand of possibilities. There are shortcuts, obstacles, wide paths and narrow tracks.

Writing for no reason helps me to understand. To understand life, the world, everything that I do. It is my daily reflection of my brain. It’s a moment to take a break. To wonder, to forget, to reset my focus. Today is a great day. Today will be a great day. Every day is a great day in my life. It’s a mindset thing. It’s me deciding how awesome life can be.

The lesson to learn? We shouldn’t take life so serious. Instead, we need to enjoy the present moment. Today, I want you to do the same. Do something for no reason. Do something that seems to make no sense. Do something your neighbors will finally understand that you must have lost your mind. Do something crazy, something out of the ordinary. Do something different! Break with your routines! Break out of this every day life.

And with that said, it’s time to say goodbye! There is so much for me to do.

See you next time!

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