#713 RACING IS LIFE – S5 E11 – BASICS – Learn from others

Nobody is perfect. Everybody is doing mistakes. But that doesn’t mean, that we all need to experience the very same mistakes. Especially in a brutal sport like this, avoiding mistakes is the key to success. But how do we avoid them? How do we learn?

Learning from others is the one universal rule that follows us throughout our lives. It’s not a secret. It’s not a life hack. But still, how many people are using this method effectively? It’s just so easy to claim that we already know it all. That we are the experts, the professionals. But the truth? The truth is something else. The truth is, that we hardly know our craft. We hardly know enough in order to be able to do what we are supposed to do. We pretend, we play our role, we convince ourself.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com

But what is wrong about not knowing it all? Why can’t we accept our situation and make the best out of it? When it comes to racing, you just have to learn from others. You need to analyze what they are doing. You need to figure out how they are solving the problems and issues that come your way. If you are standing at the beginning, like I do, you can’t afford to loose a ton of money. You can’t allow yourself to do the mistakes amateurs are doing. If you do something in life, do it professionally or go home. There is no in-between.

Watch onboard videos, watch interviews, watch documentaries. Always ask yourself, what would they do in a situation like this. How would they react? What would they do differently. That you can’t learn racing by just watching some onboards should be clear to everybody. But nobody says that this is the only thing you should do. Of course you need to understand the basics. Of course you need to drive on your own. But a lot, and with that I really mean a lot, can you learn from others. You can talk with people. You can ask for advice, for a mentorship.

The fool is not the one that knows about his weaknesses, the fool is the one that ignores them.

Accept your current level. Analyze the things you need to improve. Change something in your practice sessions. It is really that easy. Why don’t you work on this?

See you next time!

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