A familiar place, a familiar situation, we all know what a dèjà vu is. The sensation, thrilling. “This happened before! It just had to.” These are the moments when we feel alive. These are the moments, when the portal opens. A small time window. A tiny one, to be precise. Just for a split second or so we can have a look inside. Inside or through? We do not even know. The only thing we know, life just doesn’t make sense. At least not in this very moment. Science beats the mind. The mind beats logic. Logic beats our creativity. In a world like this, questions shouldn’t be asked. It is like it is. It is like it always was. A fool you must be, asking too many questions. But people are curios. It is in their nature. People want to figure things out. And so, people have started to look for the truth. A small group of people can never be dangerous. You can defame them right on the spot. A bigger group, well, not that easy to handle. But once it gets out of control, things are about to get messy. I write this thing, not knowing if it will ever find it’s way into the right hands. But the truth, it needs to get told. You have a right to know, we all have. Be aware! They are everywhere. You can not trust them. You can not trust anyone. Do not talk about it, never. You understand?! The time is running away…

Photo by Sebastian Palomino on Pexels.com

He looked at it again, still not making sense out of what he was holding in his hands. A piece of paper, he hasn’t seen one in a while. The small things made life bearable. He folded it back together and hide it inside his jacket. It was cold. Too cold for the time of the year. The spring, it should have already kicked in weeks ago. It was time, God it was time. He didn’t like the summer, especially not in this nasty place. But the coldness of the long winters wasn’t his friend either. 8 Miles. The sign was still intact. Metal endures everything, as it seems. The road, long and straight. But he could already see the outskirts of the mountain up ahead. And off we go!

To be continued…

See you next time!

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