A light breeze. That is all we can sense. We know what is about to start. We always know. It’s the same pattern. The same rhythm. It’s the same show. But still, it gets us. The storm, I mean. It always gets us. Tackling us down to the ground.

The storm is about to strike. At work, at home, in our free time. The storm can have various forms. Stress, anxiety, difficult tasks. We know about the true value of a tough challenge. We respect the existence of such tasks. Life wouldn’t be the same without them.

We breath in, we breath out, automatically. We go through life, not really knowing what is about to happen. We think that we know, but how should we know? Are you calm before the storm? Are you in control? I am not. The storm is about to strike yet again. But I, I am already waiting for it, shivering.

Photo by Alexandre Bringer on Pexels.com

This life is great. This world we are all living in, a true miracle. But what gets me all the time is the storm. When times are changing. When things are about to get messy. But why do I freak out? Why do I loose it? Why can’t I stay in control?

Calm before the storm, that is not even the task. Calmness during the storm, that is what it takes. Can we hold back on our emotions? Can we hold back on our physical reactions? Can we breath it away? For years I am wondering. For years I am looking for the ultimate way of doing exactly that.

But what I didn’t notice is this. It’s not the storm that strikes us, it’s our way of perceiving the storm. May the storm be a hard one. We do not need to care. Just let the storm do its thing. Not getting influenced by it.

Calm before the storm. Calm during the storm. Calm after the storm.

The secret lies within us. We are the ones that needs to change and not the storm. We loose it in our head, all the time. We forget to breath. We forget to enjoy life. We forget to have fun. Calm before the storm is great. But during the storm is when it matters.

See you next time!

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