#720 20 minutes writing challenge #52 – NEW LIFE

Things I thought were mine – Alfie Templeman

Finally, this week was my first one at the new company. My first real job? Not quite so, but I guess the HR offices of this world would describe it like this. That I have spent years at companies doing my apprenticeship and dual studies doesn’t even seem to count.

Well, anyways. The past is history already. What matters is today. No, in fact, just this very moment. The presence. The here and now. My new life has already begun. A life that will be different? A life that will be better? Problems get exchanged, goals renewed. Life itself is very difficult to grasp. Too difficult to touch. Too difficult to generalize. But my new life still exists. It’s here. The day has come.

We can’t change anything at the same time. Only a fool believes in that. We change, step by step. Day by day. Challenge by challenge. The things I want to change? They are already on my list. The only thing I have to do is what? Right! Change them. Become the person I want to become. Live the dream. Do what I want.

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

Today is a good day. I am alive. I am healthy. I have everything that I need. The problem? Just in my head. Somewhere between my ears. I worry too much. I am not in control. I need to care less. Today I will change one thing. How hard can that be? Just this one little thing, this tiny problem of mine.

But what about you? What will you change today? Which destructive thought will leave your life? Which bad habit will get exchanged? Which problem solved? It is time for a change. Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. You can change, we can change, everyone and everything can change. What matters is just us. Are we satisfied? Do we have enough? Do we live the dream? Do we feel at home? Are we comfortable?

Today is a good day. Today is your day. Make the best out of it!

See you next time!

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