#721 Entrepreneurship & Business – S3 E10 – Do things the right way

We all know how stressful life can be. It doesn’t need to be our own fault, or our mistake that is making things worse, but it is definitely our way how we react. In this ever changing environment we are all supposed to live in, things are never easy. Things are complicated, everybody knows that! Or isn’t that the thing, we are constantly telling ourself? We are just a part of the system. A tiny part of something bigger. How can we, the little fishes, have an impact on the system itself? How can we make things better? How can we move on, improving upon our situation.

There comes a moment in everyones life, when we need to decide. No, in fact, we are experiencing this moment every single day, even on multiple occasions. It is always our choice. It is always us, that react! It’s our way of doing things!

Do things the right way!

A statement that is as precise as a shotgun? Of course doing things the right way sounds like a good plan. But what is the right way anyways? Where can we find it? The truth is, we do not question our way of doing things. We do not stop for a moment or two and just ask why. In our society, asking questions isn’t the thing people are looking for. “You have to do whatever you have to do. But please, just do it the old way! Come on! Is that really so difficult to understand? We are always doing it like this, please, do it the same way!” And what do we do? Right, we do it the very same way. We even feel bad for questioning the system. For thinking that people have been doing things wrong all the time.

Photo by Jens Johnsson on Pexels.com

That experience is a hard earned resource should be clear to everyone and sure, doing something for ages like this, has definitely helped to make things better. To establish new processes, new methods, new ways of doing it. Processes evolve over time, of course they do! But still, is this the right approach? Copying the behaviors of others? In this life, we always have a chance. Why don’t you take yours and start asking the right questions? Why do we do things the way we do them without thinking about the consequences?

Do things the right way doesn’t mean to exactly know what the right way is. Doing things the right way means to ask the right questions, to question your doing, to do things properly once, instead of redoing them over and over again.

You will not come far, if you do not form the habit of improving upon your doing in life. We can always improve. We can always make things better. The question is just this, why don’t we do it? The answer? Because we pretend to be busy. To be overwhelmed by the sheer stress that is pushing upon our shoulders.

Do things the right way means doing things properly! Reflecting upon your tasks, improve upon the processes and find an even better solution.

See you next time!

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