#724 Discipline – S3 E2 – Just doing your thing

It’s the easy things in life that make the difference. The things that we just do, unconsciously. We breath, we live our life, we try to survive. But how is this related to discipline?

Every day we get up, there is another chance to make things differently. Simply put, to change! But that all sounds like so much work. It’s time consuming, it demands focus and energy. And honestly, we don’t really want to add another time consuming project to our lives, right? We have enough of that at work already. We rather want to enjoy life at its fullest. We want to lay in the sun, relax, spending time with our friends and loved ones. But nobody said that it has to be that hard, time consuming or whatever else that comes to mind. In life, it’s us that make things difficult. It’s our assumptions, our way of going through life.

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

There can never be a lack of discipline, once passion is involved. If we love doing something, we just always find the time, the energy, the resources to do what we do. But why can’t we project this phenomenon on other things in life as well? For example our whole life? For years I was looking for the right approach towards this topic, not being able to see the most obvious truth about the whole thing. We should never look for a “life hack”, a trick, or however we want to call it, in order to make boring topics interesting in life. Instead, we need to change our mindset and approach, exploring the topic and finding the interesting things about it that we enjoy.

Life is not about suffering. Life is not about doing the things that we don’t like. Sure, some people go to work in order to earn money. But sooner or later this system will brake down. If we do not feel at home, we need to go home, find home, or make it our home. The best strategy is what? Exactly, just doing our thing. There is no goal too high, too ambitious, outside of our reach. The only limitation there is, is us. We are the limiting factor in the equation. We are the once that holding ourselves back.

I want you to start reflecting on your doing. What is it that drives you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Please, by all means, stop wasting your time with doing the things that you don’t like. There is absolutely no point in doing that! Commit to your goals and reaching them will just become a matter of time.

See you next time!

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