#725 Life Coaching – S2 E4 – Accept your past

In life, we are supposed to live in the present moment. No, it’s expected. We hear it everywhere, in magazines, in TV series, in movies, even on blog’s like this one. But is this really the thing we do? Living in the present moment? The truth is, we don’t. We do not live in the here and now. We have schedules, we run from one appointment to the other. I mean come on, we have goals to reach! How are we expected to enjoy the moment, when there are so many more things on the agenda. In reality, we seldomly enjoy our life. We just hustle through it! Always looking forward to the next big thing in life. The next step, the next level, the next challenge. Tomorrow seems to be more interesting than today. But will there be a tomorrow?

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In the last couple of years, I tried to forget, to repress, to ignore. My past, I did not really want to think about it. I looked away, ran away, did not accept my past. But with the years going by, I realized that this was a mistake. The past, it’s a part of us. It shaped our todays existence. Without it, we would be different. We wouldn’t be the same. But in order to accept it, we need to accept the truth. The truth about our failures, the truth about our way of living, the truth about who we were.

That we can change to the better is always an option, learning from mistakes, doing things differently. But progress is only possible by reflecting upon the truth. The real situation, not just what we pretend to remember. Of course it hurts, of course it makes us feel bad, but accepting our past is the least we should do. Stand for who you are, by accepting where you come from. In my youth, nobody would have thought that I would become this. An engineer, an amateur race car driver, a blogger, an author, a sport enthusiast, a car guy. I was walking on a different path. Not really knowing where to go. Just following the steps of others, instead of creating my own and unique way. But blending things out is the wrong approach.

Why don’t we accept our past and learn from it? Look at our failures as a chance to move on. If you want to live in the present moment, you need to accept the present moment. You need to understand where you are currently standing in life. You need to know your weaknesses. You need to know your strength. You need to accept who you are.

Do not close the door to your past. Do not try to forget. Instead, remember. Accept your past! Become a better version of yourself.

See you next time!

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