#726 Q & A – General – 3 – NEW JOB

Yes, you have heard right. I did it! Finally! A job! A real job. My first real job! Can you believe it?! Ok, it’s not really my first job, is it? No, it’s not. But it’s my first real job without any studying programs attached. I am finally an engineer! Yay! But now I have to become one!

How hard was it to find a job in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Actually, it was a nightmare. You study all those years, years in which you set your priorities differently. Years in which you would sit there at your desk, studying, while others would enjoy their lives. You invest all of that time, money, energy. And the stress, please do not forget about this one. You push through! You study hard! You are always trying to get the best results possible! And then, well, you did it! Congratulations! But what do you want? We are in the midst of a crisis! A job? Oh, well, sorry, we don’t have one for you. But maybe in a year? Why don’t you ask us then? Honestly, this feeling of getting one denial after the other, it’s harder than you might expect. It gets you, sooner or later. It breaks you! I have heard about engineers, looking for a job for over a year. Can you believe it? Well, in my case it was a bit better. I have send out nine applications and got eight denials. The funny thing about it? I finally got the job at the company I applied first. Therefore, all those other applications were just a waste of time. Well, that’s life I guess. I got the job! In fact, I even had another job for the time searching. Therefore, I was not even unemployed a single day. The job well done, right? Finding a job in the midst of the crisis? Definitely possible, but a tough and time consuming challenge!

And what is your job all about?

I have been talking about the law of attraction on multiple occasions here. I also do not keep it a secret that I am using it. Therefore, the job is exactly what I have been wishing for. I am employed as a project engineer. I work in the automotive sector. I work close with an OEM that I love. I get the exact amount of money I wished for. I can do what I love. Doing a combination of project management and product developing. To summarize it, I got exactly what I have been wishing for.

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Where do you work?

A good question, isn’t it. I work for Magna Steyr in Ingolstadt. But don’t worry, there is home office possible. For the first couple of weeks, of course I am at the facility, getting to know the people, the process’s and everything else that I need to know. Later on I will start working more from home. But time will tell if I move there completely or not.

What do you like about your new job so far?

Having spend not even two weeks at the company, of course there is so much more for me to learn. But what I already enjoy about work is the focus on cars. Back in the old days, of course I was always working in automotive sector. But the people at those automotive supplier companies, well, they just do not have the same passion for cars. They are doing engineering stuff, sure, but there is something missing. A passion for the machines we build. And so, finally, I made the next big step and got closer to my goal. The people I work with, they all share the same passion, the same enthusiasm. And honestly, this is something I love. Going to work was always fun to me, but going there is the old fun multiplied multiple times.

What do you do not like about your job?

It’s the one big thing of course. I will not test drive cars every day. In fact, I will only very rarely, if ever drive something. And so, there is this one little thing still missing. Sure, we could argue that it was my own fault, not wishing for a job with driving cars. But honestly I was just too afraid to not getting it. Well, clearly my mistake. And so, I need to live with it. But sure, I can also just drive cars in my free time all day long! Therefore, it’s not really a huge issue, but still something that I miss.

And well, that’s it for today. Or is there anything else you want to know? If so, please let me know. If not, well, see you next time!

See you next time!

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