#727 Feeling sick without really being sick

That I would get those headaches, fine. But that it stays like this? I never had that before. Sure, my doctor went a bit over the line, assuming that this might be connected to the vaccine shot I got nearly two weeks ago, but you never know, right?

Headaches, these are just not my thing. I don’t have them, period! But this time, this time I got them. They were neither really strong, nor necessarily hard to deal with. My head felt just wrong, off, like something isn’t ok. The week went by, but the head still making some troubles. Last weekend, I felt better! Way better. But that strange feeling, it started to move down my head. Causing my neck to hurt next. Is it related to the vaccination? I don’t think so. Or at least not entirely. It might have helped to start this thing, but in the end, there need to be other reasons as well. For example the air conditioning at work, the air conditioning in my car, the different bed I sleep in here at my new job location, or just my bad body posture in front of the computer. Whatever it is, I hope I will get better soon. And with soon, I really mean soon. I feel so tired, so exhausted, so energy less. I have a hard time focusing and struggle with even the easiest of tasks.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Sure, I might have just freaked out a little bit, thinking that this will be my end. But I guess that’s just how we are. We panic, we interpret things the wrong way. Today, I actually feel a bit better. The neck get’s better, the head as well. But anyways. I guess I will recover pretty soon. Finding the energy to write better posts.

See you next time!

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