We can all write when feeling great! When life presents itself from its best side. It’s a hot summer evening, the wind is rushing through your hair, the wine is tasty. The sunset at the horizon, the clear ocean water. Of course we get into the zone! But honestly, life doesn’t look like this! In the real life, we do never find the time to actually watch the sunset. Why should we!? In our day to day lives, the nature, the world around us, that all isn’t important. The only thing that counts, is what we are focusing on. Progress, improving, working, and numerous of other things that come to mind. In reality, we do not enjoy the glass of wine on the veranda. We have a glass of wine, sure, but our mind goes crazy all the time. Calming down? Relaxing? That all is not really on the agenda. And so, we suffer. Day in, day out.

Writing in a bad mood? Writing with a bad mood? Normally we avoid this situation from happening. We do not write when feeling bad, sick, or anything like this. We want to get into the zone, or at least close to it. We want to enjoy the process. Spread the positivity of our minds. But writing this daily blog of mine, well, I can’t stop writing just because I feel bad. Having a bad day? That’s not even an option! Daily means daily! Basta!

Writing can be an art form. Writing can be so much more than just the simple process of doing it. But writing can also be a therapy. A way to express ones emotions, when things get out of hand. When things are bad. When things are going down the hill. I have learned to push through. To write anyways. And in fact, I still manage to get into the zone. I still manage to dig deeper, finding my way towards the inspiration that I need.

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Bad mood writing is something you should try out yourself. Honestly, it makes a lot of fun! We have more courage. We step over the line of what seems to be appropriate. We are more aggressive towards things! Writing in a bad mood gives writing this different perspective upon life. It states out what we often times oversee. It resets priorities. It changes our focus. It opens up our horizon for something new. Something fascinating.

Try it out yourself, next time you are feeling bad! Just write something. Write about the things that come to mind. You will see, writing in a bad mood isn’t that bad after all. Actually, it makes a lot of fun! But sure, maybe you should reconsider publishing whatever you created. We do not want to offend others, do we?

See you next time!

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