#729 Mindset – S1 E11 – What drives me

I would like to answer this question one day with this: ” A Porsche drives me”, but today, it’s just the concept in my head. This idea, this dream, this passion. When it comes to writing, I have a different approach. I hate books, I hate reading. I guess, I am just not the typical writer. I enjoy writing, sure. But reading? No thank you! I read my own stuff, sure. But even that is just more than I can handle.

But what drives me here? Is it the fame? The money? The fans? Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s neither of those things. I write this book for myself. I write this book in order to help myself. In order to make my life better, more productive, more efficient. I write this thing, because they say that it is hard to write a book. In life, some people might look for the challenges. They enjoy the moment, when things are about to get messy. Writing a daily blog was a good choice considering the time commitment it takes. Writing every single day is a great challenge! But writing a book? That’s a totally different level. In a book, every word needs to be picked to perfection. Every sentence, shortened. Every description, optimized. At the end of the day, it is the journey that drives me. It’s the process. It’s the time commitment, the challenge, the feeling of doing something others don’t. What drives me? It’s the story behind the story. It’s the step by step kind of attitude. It’s the endless learning curve. It’s the improving. The getting better day by day.

Photo by Samson Katt on Pexels.com

I write this book because I want to give something back. Something that might help others going through the same difficulties in life. Life is this never ending story. We all think that we are so unique and different. But in reality, we all see the same stuff. We do the same mistakes. We take the same bad decisions. We suffer from the same problems. This book might help others, but this book will definitely help myself. It will be a chance to improve, to change, to change my life and the people around me.

What drives me is this concept I have in my head. This vision of a better world. My better world.

See you next time!

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