#739 Book Starts – S1 E5 – MINT

He could make out the end of the hallway, “Just a couple of steps left!” It must be the underground car park he had heard so many stories of. A private collection of the most beautiful cars on the market. His expectations were enormous.

A six digit pin, this was the only obstacle left. He made it past the dogs, the cameras in the drive way and two bodyguards up front. Neither the reinforced windows nor the high security doors could keep him out. He made it! Effortlessly, maybe even too effortlessly. He reached for the little keyboard. “Just this last door? Can it really be that easy?” A thought of worry entered his brain. “What did I miss?

Photo by Paul Volkmer on Pexels.com

Focus! Come on, you can do this!” He leaned against the door in exhaustion, but the door gave in already. “The door isn’t even locked!? Oh hell no, I am fucked” He wasn’t sure if those last words entered his mouth or not, but the bright light of the flickering neon tubes confirmed his disbelieve. The garage wasn’t empty, but that was the last thing he cared about. Instead of absorbing the presence of the most beautiful Ferraris and Porsches of the good old times, his eyes couldn’t move away from the table that was standing in the middle of the room. Carefully he entered the garage, while his shoes squeaked on the smooth white surface of the floor. A letter, it was a letter that was put neatly underneath a Porsche scale model on the table. As he closed in, he could feel the presence of somebody watching him. “Who is there?“, he wondered.

Open the letter!“, a speaker sound disenchanted the silence of the hall. It was an Italian accent, there was no doubt about that. Instantly his head started to wander around. “Is there someone else in the garage?” “Open the God damn letter!“, the male voice seemed to loose his temper. He did what he was told and reached for the letter. As he opened it, the imprinted seal helped his mind to remember.

“In life there comes a day to decide. Your day has already come! Either you take these keys and drive away in the dark blue Porsche turbo, or the police will find you locked inside this very garage in ten minutes of time. Your life, your decision!
Signed by Paolo

To be continued…

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