#740 Language learning – S2 E9 – restart? What? Again?

Is it really that time of the year again? Another restart needed? Come on! You can’t be serious!

In the last couple of months, I was kind of busy. I was finishing my master program, I was looking for a job, I have started my new job. A routine? There wasn’t any! And so, things got out of hand pretty quickly. That I am a busy person should be clear to everyone. But without a routine, well, life becomes a struggle for me. I hustle from one thing to the other. Can’t find my pace, can’t perform as I want. And so, of course I needed to make some cutbacks. Sure, I could tell you about my last three weeks in Ingolstadt. Sure, I could explain why I just couldn’t practice Italian. But the truth is, I just did not do it!

In this life, I have goals to reach. Small goals and big goals. And learning Italian isn’t at the top of the agenda. It is a goal, sure! But there is no deadline attached. I want this journey to be a fun one! I want to enjoy the process of learning. And with other things growing over my head, of course this is the thing to stop.

Photo by Emily Geibel on Pexels.com

But learning a language shouldn’t be like this! Learning a language should be a steady process. Taking one step after the other and not sprinting to the next tree before falling back down the entire hill. Instead of this constant on and off, I should try a less aggressive approach. No! I have to!

But what can I do? Doing the 20 minutes a day kind of a thing? That’s not working! Doing the two hours a week kind of a thing, that isn’t working either. What I need is a different approach! I need to enjoy the lessons again. This needs to be fun! There needs to be this internal drive to keep on going. And right now, honestly, I don’t feel it any longer. This thing has become an obstacle. Something that makes life more difficult.

Sure, life is supposed to be challenging and sure, learning a language with my not existing language learning ability is always a struggle. But it shouldn’t be like this! Therefore, I will release the pressure! I will give myself the time and space that I need. I will continue doing it, there is no doubt about that, but just not in this very same way.

This project is supposed to be fun. This project is about me learning something useful. A language, a way of communication. Therefore, I will just stop pretending. I stop blaming others. I am accepting my disgust for languages and accept how hard it feels. But this doesn’t mean that I give up! I just do it my way. Finally!

To be continued!

See you next time!

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