#747 20 minutes writing challenge #53 – FLY, BOING 747, FLY

Is this supposed to be a joke? Flying to the moon with Frank Sinatra!? A Boing because of number #747 on your blog!?!? Fly Boing fly?!?! It’s the simple things in life, true! But that’s too simple! Come on! Where is your creativity? Flew to the other side of the world for a vacation? Stuck in quarantine? The truth? I may never had it in me, the creativity I mean. Flying to the moon, well, at least there is no pandemic going on, isn’t it?

Flying to the moon, only for vaccinated people!

The summer is knocking at the door! Holiday season! At least I have been told! Honestly, my last vacation is a couple of years back in time. Five years to be precise! My last flight? Six years ago! But it was only my second flight ever. Flying? Not my thing? No, it’s not that! I just do not enjoy the other thing, called summer holidays somewhere warm! I know, it must sound funny! I am not a workaholic, ok, I am, but still it’s not that! I guess I just don’t get it! Why should I wait all those months for a week or two in paradise, when I can instead enjoy paradise all year around at home!? With my nutrition related problems a vacation is just not the thing to aim for. The stress, the uncertainty, the struggle. No, this is just not my thing. I rather spend the time differently!

Photo by Quintin Gellar on Pexels.com

But all those others, the normal people, they will fly! A lot! And when they do get back, well, the pandemic will be a thing again. Lucky me, then my full home office allowance will be extended! But on a more serious note, people fly around again and that’s a good thing. Sure, maybe not for the climate, but at least for the world economy. I know, I might have a different standpoint towards things in life as others, but in this global and connected world we are all living in, everything is somehow related to each other. Sure, all those Friday for future pupils will fly this upcoming summer somewhere nice and I am not. But I can stand it! My life is reaching another all time high this year, causing the last year to actually do not even look as good as I thought it was. No, definitely! This year is my best so far!

I know, this post wasn’t really the thing you have expected. But deal with it! Life is full of disappointments! The question is not how these disappointments occur, but how we can learn from them and move on! You can make this year count! You can still let this current year become the best of your life! It is up to you! Don’t forget that!

See you next time!

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