#748 Entrepreneurship & Business – S3 E11 – FEELING SECURE

The mind is free when we feel free.

But when do we really feel free? When we are satisfied with our lives? When we have reached all of our goals? When there are no obstacles standing in our way? When there are no problems holding us back?

Feeling free is a mindset thing. An illusion that might not even exist. But feeling secure? That can’t be an illusion. The caring hands of a brave mother. An older sibling that protects us. In our lives, we have experienced the feeling of being secure. But what does that mean business wise?

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The first idea that comes to mind? Money! Of course! Financial independence. The dream of all the dreamers! Endless houses, yachts and supercars. Sure, our financial security plays an important role in todays plot, but it isn’t the only main character that needs to show up. There is also the other important thing, we, the people tend to forget about over the years.

Good health!

You can have all the money in the world, without a healthy body, you will not be able to spend it. A healthy body is good, but a healthy mind added to the equation even better. What we need is to be in control. Body and soul connected to each other, working together as a team and performing well. Or to put it more plainly, as long as we do not feel healthy, we will always struggle with the rest. The principle of Maslow’s Pyramid, for the geeks. When our fundamental interests in life are not satisfied, the rest is just not important any longer.

Money and good health! Well, do you know something else?

A house, a bit of food and water. Sure, but money will make that happen, right? Right!

Are we feeling secured now? Well, not exactly. But what do we miss? We still do not know about the future. Which business idea should we follow? Which path to take? Will we be successful? How much risks can we take?

Feeling totally secured is an illusion by itself. You will never be completely secured! But and this is very important to notice, we can get pretty close to that! And honestly, that is all we need! We need to feel save in order to be free! We need to be free of worries and doubts. Then and only then we can go for it and invest all the time, money and energy that the project needs.

See you next time!

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