Use it or lose it!

That’s not only the golden rule in the gym, but also in all the other walks of life. Knowledge can be gained through excessive learning, but it can also miraculously disappear. Ok, maybe it takes a while to forget, but we forget.

Thinking back at my time at school, well, in some cases I can not even remember the subject, while in others, it seems as if I can just go back to this very moment telling you exactly what the lesson was all about. Sure, we have all experienced this one. The classmate we struggle to remember, the journey back in our youth, the list goes on and on.

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The only thing that helps against forgetting is repeating. God, I hated those English vocabularies written on small cards to remember. A system like this can work, but it needs to be addressed the right way.

Repeating doesn’t have to be this boring process of going through stuff all day long. No, in fact, repeating needs to be fun in order to work very effective. I have been talking about the fundamentals of learning a thousand times already, but still, so many people seem to do not understand. We are not robots! Our brain is not a computer. If we want to learn something with the use of our brain, we need to give it the right input.

And in this point, well, actually, the comparison to a computer isn’t that bad. We have all struggled with certain files that we couldn’t open or process with the programs on our computers. This stupid software can not process it, for Christs sake! Well, for our brains, this situation can also occur. If the approach is wrong and the technique feels off, well, maybe just maybe we have to change that!

Learning needs to be fun! Learning needs to be entertaining. And for repeating stuff, well, the same rules apply.

Do not just repeat words or texts all day long. Make it fun! Invent a story! Create images in your mind, see them in your head! Fight the laws of physics, make things absurd, even strange. The sky is the limit!

Repeating can make so much fun! Learning can make so much fun. But apparently we seem to forget about this on our way. Please, do not make the mistake of thinking that you know it all. Every day is another chance to improve, to learn, to become a little bit better than the day before!

Learn, repeat, repeat, repeat, teach others, die.

See you next time!

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