#30 Thirty days of daily blogging

Thirty days are already over. Time is flying these days, or at least it seems like that.

Well, the kind of “30 days of daily blogging challenge” is already over. But what can I say? I just love it!

How do I feel?

Exhausted? Tired? Burned out? Not really! I mean, I still feel the 25000 words in my fingers, but besides that, I am doing ok.

Let’s make a short summary about the last 30 days.

Starting on the 29th of June with this thing, I had actually no clue what I was doing. Yes, I wanted to switch to a more interactive way of writing, but I was really surprised how different this would be. Writing a book just by your own and without the feeling that someone is going to read this today, you just write what ever comes to mind. But with this change from just writing for more or less yourself, to actually publish something every single day, this is changing your perspective completely. You are asking yourself questions like:

“Who is reading this? Is this helping them? Does someone understand what I actually mean? Do they like it? How can they profit from this? What can I do, to help them, reaching their goals? How can I share the important stuff, without forgetting necessary steps? This list can go on and on for ever!”

What are my plans for the future?

Due to the fact, that I have a lot of work coming up for formula student, I can not guarantee, that the next two weeks will be the same as the once before, but let’s see 🙂 After this, we will be back in a normal daily rhythm.

How many people are reading this blog?

Being a kind of a modern neanderthal man, or at least feeling like this, compared to the whole world around me, I do not use social media. I mean I have Facebook to keep up with some people I was used to know in the past, but this is it. Generating traction for this blog is therefore, simply put, not possible for me and to be honest, I still feel like not ready to reach more people with this blog. Do not understand this wrong, I think, that this thing has the potential to help a lot of people, but I personally just do not feel ready for it.

Of course you can say “Come on! You are investing all that time! I am sure you want to see results, more follower and so on!”

Of course! You are right! Indeed, I was dreaming about reaching more people with this thing already, but actually I kind of like it in the way it is growing right now!

Compared to last time, when I was doing a summary after two weeks of daily blogging I had 3 followers. Today, I already have 10. Therefore, we can conclude, that it is actually growing, but in a healthy way.

What do I want to change?

Mhh, this is still a tricky question. Obviously, I do not get a bunch of feedback about what I am doing. Therefore, it is more like a guessing game, if I should change something or not.

What I did find out however, is the fact, that there are not many people out there, who are willing to read a lot of stuff on a regular basis. Therefore, I need to shorten up this posts and get more density in it, without loosing the side information, that can be useful as well.

After thinking about how to actually do this, I came up with a lot of different ideas. Starting from writing underneath every single post a short and independent summary, to making a kind of a “compressed, or short five minute series”, to adding a podcast to this and read the posts for you, I have thought about literally everything.

Please let me know what you want. Having talked about the small amount of readers already, this is our advantage right now! Just tell me what YOU want and I will try to improve this just for you! Because, in case you haven’t noticed, I am willing to help you whenever I can.

Final words

This blog is just for you guys, therefore let me know what you want!

What do you want to hear more of? What do you want to hear less of? Which topic should I tackle differently? Which thing should I describe better? Do you have any questions?

Share your opinion with me.

See you next time!

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