#46 Being sick – Always a waste of time!?

Back in the days when being ill usually meant no school, laying on the couch, eating salt sticks, drinking cola and watching Harry Potter in the living room, this was actually quite an alternative. Being much older now, at least on paper, this still sounds like an awesome day. Or maybe two. But come on, its four days already! I need to do something else!

As Tim Ferriss asked a Dane about the question why they are considered to be the happiest folk on earth, he got the answer “low expectations”.

Ok, this is supposed to be funny. But after really thinking about it, there is actually a truth in this statement.

If my day goal is eating, drinking and watching Harry Potter I, II, & III. I would be quite happy with my current situation. Having the problem, that I have just bigger goals to reach in my life, happiness is not really the outcome of a very unproductive day like this.

Again, the pattern of changing perspectives comes to mind. One situation, two mindsets, two totally different outcomes.

  • Is being sick a waste of time?
  • What does it mean to be sick?
  • Why am I sick?

Being no doctor and do not want to claim anything other than my personal opinion. Having caught a cold was just a sign of my body to prevent it from getting damaged. Very similar to the process of feeling your muscles after a certain intensity level of training, I was overdoing my mental and physical capabilities in the last to weeks to such an extent, that my body needs time for recovery. And if my body needs time for this, it just takes it.

Being sick is therefore not a waste of time, but rather necessary in order to recover from the high stress situation I was in the weeks before. Considering the fact, that I am on holidays these days and there are literally thousand of other things I should do, including working on my bachelor thesis, my body just needs the time.

The question of all questions is however: How a special guy like I am, somehow is able to cheat at least a little bit while trying to rest and kind of not really wasting all my valuable time?


OEM’s do it, startups do it, everybody does it. I just use the time to have a predevelopment phase. I look into the past couple of weeks, look at my progress, look at what others are doing, make new plans for the future, adjust existing plans, keep up with friends, plan meetings and trips. This is all really light work I can do while watching Harry Potter, out of the window, or checking out the Facebook feed.

Give your body some rest!

There is a reason for being sick, therefore, try to give your body the time it needs. Please, do not underestimate this! Your health is the most important thing in your life!

How to relaxe like a pro!

Ever watched the top 5 magicians on Americans got talent, or the best Porsche commercials? What about fail army? Vines? TikTok? Or German road rage? Oh, and do not miss the funny animal videos. Those puppies are so sweet!

This is how to switch off! This is how to forget about your day to day life. You are not that video watching type of person? No problem! Just lay in bed and start listening to an audiobook. Maybe you like it and can learn something, or it is just boring and you fall asleep. Either way you are giving your body some rest. And this is, what it really needs.

My special tip: Sherlock Holmes audiobooks, they are the best, entertaining and you those British orators make you fall a sleep like a little baby.

See you next time!

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