#48 Italian – Language learning – Season 2 Episode 1 – Starting to learn Italian

Ciao a tutti!

Italy. Sun, summer, pizza and pasta. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani and Alfa Romeo. Emotion, passion, love and history. Ocean, lakes, rivers and pools. Vatican, Provence, Rome and Naples.

For me, Italian is more than just a language. Italian is love, passion and emotion. Italian isn’t just what you speak, but actually what you life. At least this is what I think of it.

Having set the goal to add Italian to my portfolio of languages, I am currently preparing everything for the start.

What does that mean?

This means, that I am setting up everything in order to not only have a good beginning, but actually can keep on going until I reach my first set plateau.

What do I need to plan?

Time: When do I want to practice? In the evening after work. How often? Every day. Regularly? Yes.

Content: YouTube, books, telephone conversations, writing.

Method: Class room course? No, not at the beginning. On my own? Not particular, I have found some people that like to help me. In a study group? I am more like a lonely wolf. Attending a class at university? Maybe, if they are offering something.

Learning technique: memory palace, word by word, through writing, through listening.

The beginning: Numbers, week days, small talk, cars, places, food.

Apps: Maybe babble. Already tried it out, but wasn’t too convinced. Maybe checking out something else.

When is a good time to start?

There is never such a thing as the perfect moment to start something new. That, we already figured out, but generally speaking, there are of course some moments where this suits better into the day to day plan than in other periods of your life. Having finished the high stress formula student phase already, I will have more time nowadays for a project like this. Of course I am writing my bachelor thesis right now, but this shouldn’t be that much of an obstacle at the beginning.

How to start?

Well, it all starts with the act of doing something. Just sitting around and talking, or in my case writing about this is of course pretty easy compared to the hard work that lays in front of me. But as you will probably no by now, this is really not a struggle for me.

Join me, if you want to!

Why don’t you join me on this journey and start learning a language as well? It doesn’t need to be Italian. You can pick what ever you want to, because in the end, it will always be the same process, just with other words and rules.

In this season, I want to focus on my first hand language learning experience with Italian. I will try to document the ups and downs, tell you what was working good and what wasn’t working at all. And if you are doing the same, we will all profit from this experience. Learn from mistakes that others made will help each and every single one of us to get more done.

See you next time!

Alla prossima volta!

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