#497 20 minutes writing challenge #40 – What does the fox say?🦊

Well, someone of you asked for it!

Todays song: What does the fox say?

What does the fox say?

Honestly, what does the fox say? I haven’t even talked to one yet. Maybe that’s something for my bucket list? A, well, better not. I do not even know what to say anyways. What do you talk with a fox about? The weather? The forest? Greta Thunberg? The climate change?

Ah, I don’t know. Sounds too political, doesn’t it? Who wants to talk about this anyways? The environment? IIIIHHHHHHH! Let’s rather distract the fox with something else. But sure, foxes are clever as hell! He will notice that this is not really what I want to talk about.

Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com

Come on!? What is this? A conversation with a fox? That’s not really realistic, isn’t it? You are wasting my time, dude! You just have nothing else to say, right? Come one! Anything? You are supposed to be better than this!

Can we talk with animals? Can animals talk? I guess, they need to communicate somehow. A couple of weeks ago I saw two raven sitting in my garden and obviously communicating to each other. What they might have said? How nice the garden is? Or that it’s fuxxing cold outside these days? Well, what are ravens are supposed to talk about? The US presidents election in the USA? Probably not! The newest Porsche? Mhh, I highly doubt that! They are ravens, right!? Well, they have talked about their next holiday. This is the huge advantage when having wings, right? They can fly on a vacation even though there is a corona lockdown. Well, anyways. We just don’t talk with animals that often, right? Sure, if I had a dog, that would be different. But I haven’t one.

But anyways, what do you think about the song? Is it cool? Ok, maybe “cool” is the wrong terminology. It’s just something else. A welcome variety to the usual radio nonsense they play up and down these days. Rap this, house that. K-pop and whatever else is currently up do date. For me, it feels like the time has stopped. Or am I just too old for this modern nonsense?

Sometimes I wonder. I am 25 years old. But actually, I do not even feel like that! I still feel pretty much like a kid. Sure, maybe I am “playing” too much on my racing simulator these days. If someone follows me through the day, well, they would pretty much call me a kid. But life is supposed to be fun, right? A day is just better, so to speak, if you have enjoyed every single second of it.

This song, of course it’s not intended to be taken seriously in any way. It’s just showing us that the text isn’t that important anyways once the “beat drops”. God, this sounds so strange coming out of my mouth. I have absolutely no clue about music and stuff like this. I guess the only real music I can understand is the sound of a flat six boxer engine revving to 9000 rpm on a twisty mountain road.

Don’t take life too serious. Come on! There is nothing you can win! Just do enjoy your time on this earth, you never know for how long you will be here.

See you next time!

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