#561 Entrepreneurship & Business – S3 E2 – LOOKING FOR THE UNICORN

An idea is just that, an idea. An idea that others might had before. Lots of others before! But the thing we are looking for, well, let’s put it this way. This is something else! Something unique! Something rare. Something that others might think can not even exist.

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No, we are not looking for Bigfoot! At least not this time! We are looking for the niche in the market. Our niche! So to speak, the unicorn.

If we have a look into the past, innovation is the thing that keeps companies in the game. We all know that! We all have heard thousands of examples. Good ones, but also bad ones. The infamous iPhone presentation from and with Steve Jobs, the computers, the internet, all of that. But innovations do not even need to be on such a big scale. You can also just innovate an already very niche kind of product or process itself. But the thing is, that nobody teaches you how to actually do this!

You can read books, sure! But they just tell you how they did it! Sure, it’s at least interesting! You can learn a bunch! But really helping is that not! Why? Because the idea already made it to the top! There is no need to copy this particular idea! Therefore! You should rather do the exact opposite of what people are telling you to do! If they say do online marketing, don’t do online marking. If they say, autonomous cars will be the next big thing, don’t do autonomous cars!

If you analyze the market potential for inovations, that nobody had really on their screens, you will be impressed! To go out there and just be another one of that start ups that is doing this or that. Sure, you might survive! But that’s not our goal! We are looking for the idea of a century! For the thing everyone has waited for! The unicorn nobody believed would even exist.

I come from an engineering background, there is no doubt about that! Therefore, at least in my world, there are rules and connections. I see this in my current master thesis, but I also have seen this thousands of times in other projects before. It must be there, a kind of a secret formula towards success. There are techniques out there, for example TRIZ, that show you very impressively that there is always a solution to a problem. And not the kind of solution you are expecting. Quite the opposite. A very simple one! One that is in fact so clever, you wonder why nobody else was thinking about it before.

For me, this is all just theory for the moment. I am still working on my master thesis, looking for a job and things like this. But very soon, this will be over! And then, well, I finally want to start! I want to be creative. Looking for problems in life and solve them. Sounds cool? Sounds like a lot of work? In the end, it is always a lot of work. But you do it for yourself, right?

The perfect business idea exist! In fact, there are thousands of them out there. But people have not yet made the right connections! Or figured out that there is an actual need for something. Afterwards, we will all say how obvious it was! That even a little child could come up with the idea! But well, did it?

Business ideas exist plenty, but we need to separate the good ones from the bad! How? Well, this might be the secret we are all looking for the next time! I might be different in the way I think, but still, I am not really thinking outside the box, so to speak. I am too small minded still. Too narrow in my head, too self limiting in my dreams. We need to open up! Stepping not even outside the box, but outside the room! We need to forget about borders, limitations and all that other nonsense for a while.

The right idea? It’s out there, somewhere! But we need to discover it first! In this series, I am trying to dive even deeper into the world of entrepreneurship and business. I wand to dig deeper. Asking the right questions and learn!

Come with me! Follow the journey!

See you next time!

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