#602 It’s my birthday, again! šŸ„³

Today is my birthday, again! Actually, it feels like even more than just one year has been past since my last birthday in February of 2020. God, this year was packed with stuff. The pandemic, starting my book project, finishing with all the lectures for university, writing the master thesis, the first year with a pool in the garden, my new Car, driving my first Porsche 911 and of course pushing through with this blog project here.

2020, a year people will not easily forget. But for me personally, it was an important time I would not want to miss.

But today shouldn’t be about world politics and stuff like that, right? Today is about celebration! šŸ„³

Well, honestly, not really! I guess, I must be the only one that seems to be happy about not being able to celebrate this properly. I mean, when was the last time I really celebrated my birthday? I guess it was back in the old days, when by ex girlfriend forced me to do so. I know, sounds so funny, but I just do not really see the point in all of this. And sure, I never had, but back then at least I did not know it better.

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And so, another birthday will go over quite silently. It sounds so sad, but actually is a great thing! I mean, where is the point in celebrating life just once a year? Why don’t people celebrate it more often? Like every single day?

Do I want to say, that I celebrate life every single day? Well, no! Not every single day, but very close to that. I mean, I just do all these things to remind me every single day, how lucky I am that I am still here! Still in the game! Still feeling good! Better than I should?!

Will I celebrate my birthday this time? No, of course not! With a smile on my face, that you will hardly see underneath my mask, I will indicate towards the COVID-19 lockdown rules and shrug with my shoulders in frustration. I am not allowed to celebrate, what should I do!? šŸ˜‚

Oh God, at least I think that this is funny! For the first time ever, I feel kind of accepted in this world. Nobody is expecting from me to have a big birthday celebration! YAY! We are making progress!

But on a more serious note, I see of course the problems in this current situation out there. Not just financially wise, but also in a psychological way. People are not made for isolation. They need social contacts and stuff! And so, it can really be a hard time for those, who lived a rather active social life.

But we can hardly do anything against that! At least not on my birthday!

Do I expect some nice presents? Well, actually I gave them to myself! I have a successful daily blog, I got a new car and I will finish my master degree anytime soon. Do I really need to go on?

Life is great inside my nutshell! Even though I haven’t found a job yet. Therefore, there is no need to complain. Life will go on, the pandemic will go on, things will go on. Every single day, I get one step closer to my goals. And that is everything that counts, right?

But nevertheless, I wish myself a good day! I will try to do less of what I normally do and take some time for myself. Take some time to think, to let my thoughts wander around, to think about the past and the future.

People say that time is flying even faster the older we get. Well, I am still pretty young, don’t you agree? But sure, I noticed this effect as well. Or let it me put this way, I will be 27 before I reach the 1000 days of daily blogging and that says it all. Life is just really short!

And with that said, it’s time for me to end. My guests are waiting for me? Well, there are non, but maybe next year?

See you next time!

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