#692 Racing is life – S5 E10 – BASICS – BUILD UP A REPUTATION

The funny thing about life is, that we can decide how others are going to perceive us.

You might properly heard about this one before, but it’s not about being the smartest person in the room! It’s about what? Exactly, the hardest working! Oh, is it? Isn’t it about the fastest person in the room?

A reputation is important, no, it is necessary. But it can’t be a negative one! Of course not! If you are getting famous for crashing all the time, your career is done! Get your stuff, you can go home. If you are having a reputation for fighting unfair? You can also just go! What you need, is respect. But how?

The moment we respect others, they will respect us as well. Sure, maybe not today, and maybe not even tomorrow. But sooner or later they will. If you are good at talking, good for you, but if that is all you got, you rather shut up, or you are done! Better, be silent besides the track but awesome on it.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If I can decide, I rather want my opponents to underestimate me! Why? Because the pressure will be low! Nobody is expecting anything. You can just focus on your job and that’s it! But sooner or later they will figure it out! Especially if you are winning all the time. Therefore, the goal is not to build such a reputation either. They will say that it was luck, a coincident, you had a good day.

What we need is the perfect reputation. Kind, friendly and not too talkative besides the track, but outstanding on the track. If you are the hardest working person in the grid, you have nothing to worry about. Just do your job! Focus on your goals! Show respect and leave your opponents the space they need, but be aggressive when needed and take the chances you get!

Being smart is not a gift, it is an attitude. Being the first time on the track, of course our brain is overstrained by all those things that are going on at the same time. But after a while, we can actually start to breath. Our legs stop shaking, our breathing rhythm gets normal, we get used to it. And the moment we are there, we can finally start to think. To use our head. To be not one, but three steps ahead of our competition.

Show people what you can, not talk about it beforehand! People talk too much these days. You can’t do that! Please! Give me your word! You will not be one of those! If they ask you later on, sure, talk! But not before you have done your job!

See you next time!

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