#693 Meditation 4.0 – S4 E4 – STRESS

Sometimes we say that we are “stressed”! We mean it, sure, but actually we are far away from being stressed. Then, on some other rare occasions, we seem to be really stressed. Overwhelmingly stressed! The moment our bodies start to cause problems, we already know, we have to change! We can’t let the situation go on like this forever! But how do we change it? What can we do? Meditating? Are you mad?

The thing about my situation is this. I can’t let go. I can’t stop! I can’t switch off. That is just not who I am. But this attitude towards life isn’t healthy. I have problems. I see problems! Problems that seem to get bigger over time. What I need is a solution!

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We talk about our mindsets, but what do these mindsets say about us? That we are not in control? I see these problems for years! If things are ok, if things are going right, life is easy. We are calm, relaxed, free. But once things get out of hand, we just freak out! We lose the control. Our mind goes nuts.

How does stress look like? How does it smell? The thing about stress is this? It’s not a physical object. We can’t see it! We can’t smell it. We can’t really measure it. We can’t just leave it out there somewhere in the middle of nowhere and drive away.

My problem? I worry too much! My mind is out of control. It’s all over the place! And my body, it is reacting to that. Stress, I can literally feel it. When being stressed, my body clearly indicates. Not that pleasant for me, true, but that is just who I am. Right? Is that how my life needs to be?

Dealing with my problems is something, I urgently need to tackle. But where should I start? How should I start? The moment I am stressed out, my body starts to notice. I start to notice. But I have that since I can remember. Years, more than ten at least. At the beginning, I did not notice. I thought that it must be something else causing these issues. Something I can’t control. Something I need to accept.

But the truth is, no, it is just me. I am the problem! My thoughts, my wishes, my lifestyle. It is all just me.

A situation in life, however stressful it might be, is just that, a situation. But the problem is, we see those situations with our own eyes. Two people might observe the very same situation, but think about it differently. Fear, stress, nervousness. We all got in contact with those. But how often do we actually fight against them? How often do we stand up and change?!

Today is a day to remember. Today is a day to change. My body has enough! I have enough! I just do not want this thing in my life any longer! I will stop it! I will reset my mind! I will work on myself! I will do it better.

But how can I do that? The right mindset? It’s already there. The only problem, I drift away too often. I find myself forgetting all about the change and falling back into the old pattern. But starting from today, this needs to change. I need to change. And I will change, because I want to change. I need to change.

The first thing I need to tackle is this ongoing need to go on. I run through my days as if my life would depend on it. I hustle and hustle and hustle. But why do I take life so serious? There is no need to feel all that pressure and stress. In fact, life is this great place where we can do what we love. Therefore, why don’t we actually start to enjoy doing what we do?

I need to change! I can’t let this situation go on like this forever. Today seems to be a perfect day for doing it! For starting! For changing my life once more!

See you next time!

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